Continuous dieting is exhausting and expensive. It's a terrible rollercoaster ride that seems impossible to escape. Soulstice Nutrition can provide the escape you seek. We offer nutrition counseling and a variety of programs focused on nourishing a healthy relationship with food, movement, and your body for a life free of dieting, body shame, and guilt.

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The Reawaken Project

A program made for anyone ready to move beyond chronic dieting and transform their relationship with food and their body!

Meet Amy

Board Certified Nutritionist 

Soulstice Nutrition is a weight-neutral practice working with clients to build a positive relationship with food and their body.


Amy follows the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach and Intuitive Eating Principles to team with clients to create a personalized nutrition plan based on their unique needs and goals.

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The journey to rebuilding your relationship with food and your body begins with self-love and compassion. 


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