Nutrition counseling focused on nourishing healthy relationships with food, movement, and your body for a life free of dieting, body shame, and guilt.

Online Nutrition Counseling with Amy Smith

Soulstice Nutrition is a weight-neutral practice working with clients to build a positive relationship with food and their body.


Amy follows the Health at Every Size (HAES) approach and Intuitive Eating Principles to team with clients to create a personalized nutrition plan based on their unique needs and goals.

What I Specialize In

Intuitive Eating

Weight-Neutral Diabetes Support

Non-Diet Approach to Personalized Nutrition

Anxiety and Stress Management

Disordered Eating

The journey towards health begins on the

path of self-love.

Begin your journey today.

"What a wonderful experience. They really take the time to cater your nutrition to your lifestyle. It is not just about what foods you can and cannot have but how to make better choices where you can. I was also given some great suggestions on how to manage stress and my constant migraines. Everything was introduced with my busy schedule in mind. Such a great program."

- Hana

"Last year I followed Amy's advice for myself and my family. I truly believe because of her, me and my family stayed healthy all year."

- Deborah 

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