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Nutrition counseling focused on nourishing healthy relationships with food, movement, and the body - free of dieting, body shame, and guilt. 


Clinical Nutrition Focused on 
Mental Health and Intuitive Eating

At Soulstice Nutrition we use a functional and integrative approach to food plans and lifestyle changes that are not only sustainable but also teach you to listen to your body and trust what it tells you. We focus on the nutritional aspects of mental health that may be holding you back from living your best life. Gut health, digestion, sleep patterns, blood sugar regulation, relationships, and stress levels all intertwine with food to determine our overall mental and physical health. Let Soulstice Nutrition guide you on a path to wellness and vitality. 

Soul·stice (verb)

1. a time of change and shift

2. moving from the past to the present

3. empowerment to take your health into your own control


Find out how we can increase your vitality and well-being.


Having digestive issues? Learn how we can repair your gut health!

Stress Management

Under monstrous amounts of stress? Here's how we can help.

Mental Health

Experiencing anxiety, depression, or feeling out of balance?

Self Care

The methodology of remembering to take care of number one (YOU!)

Meal Planning

Our meal planning services are personalized to your unique needs.

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About Us

Find out about Amy and Jared and what makes Soulstice Nutrition unique.

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