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Module 2: Disrupt Diet Culture

  • Recognize diet culture and how it affects your food and eating behaviors.

  • Reflect on the time, energy, and money spent on dieting.

  • Execute a thorough dieting history to analyze the repercussions of fad dieting and weight cycling.

  • Analyze the tools of dieting and develop a plan to overcome them.

  • Resources

    • Handout - My Dieting History

    • Handout - Dieting History Reflection

    • Handout - Dieting Tools

    • Handout - What are my food rules?

The Reawaken Project- Sneak Peek


Are you ready to start healing your broken relationship with food and your body that diet culture has created?


When it comes to food and your body, you deserve a life free from guilt and shame. All within a space that allows unconditional permission to eat, move, and live in your uniquely beautiful body. It's time to take control of your relationship with food and start a journey toward becoming an intuitive eater.