Nutrition and food choices play a vital role in how well the body and mind perform. Vitamins and minerals are essential to physiological function throughout the body, and improper levels can have negative effects on our health, energy, cognitive abilities, movement, and immunity. Food is medicine, and we literally are what we eat. At Soulstice Nutrition we focus on whole foods that provide the phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals the body needs for optimal vitality.

Through an integrative approach, focusing on the body and mind as a whole, Soulstice Nutrition takes all aspects of their client’s lives into account when working with them to make a plan to increase wellness or reduce dysfunction. Sleep, stress, relationships, movement, finances and food access, health and family history, lab work, current medications, and the client’s story are taken into account on an individual basis to provide evidence-based interventions and plans that meet the client’s needs. 


Nutrition affects digestion, bone/joint health, mental health, mood, energy levels, stress management, inflammation, heart health, and so much more. We can help you navigate the overwhelming world of food choices and nutritional needs to aid in increasing wellness or decreasing symptoms of dysfunction by finding the root cause of issues and concerns.

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