Reawaken, Relaunch, and Reestablish

No matter how you look at it, we are now living in a new normal. Over the last three months, life has changed and shifted in a way that we never expected. I will not get into any debate about whether the pandemic is a hoax or a real human killer, I don't care what your political stance is, nor do I care if you wear a mask to the grocery store. What I care about is how life has changed, how nutrition plays a part, and your mental and physical health and wellness. In Virginia, life pretty much came to a halt on March 13th. At the time we did not know we would become homebodies - homeschooling, work-from-home, grocery-delivery-ordering homebodies.

Soulstice Nutrition is a dream I have had since starting graduate school three years ago. Over the last six months, the dream progressed into a move to Abingdon, Virginia from Tennesse (due to state nutrition laws), opening an office at the Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator, quitting a stable long term job in retail, and jumping into the pool headfirst. Unfortunately, in March, that pool ran empty...and like many Americans, my path forward became slightly more blurry. My productive workdays turned to anxiety-filled sleepless nights. My husband and I had imagined this spring as a transformation period in our new community. We planned to attend events, get to know our neighbors, eat at local restaurants, and spend time building relationships with those that lived in our new town. Instead, we have spent eight weeks at home. Now I know what you are thinking, wah...wah...wah....we are all suffering, we are all losing money and having to make changes to our lives. That is right my friend, we have all been affected by the pandemic, but now it is time to move on, relaunch, reawaken, and reestablish!

At Soulstice Nutrition, June is all about the reawakening. To reawaken to the sunlight, the abundance of possibilities, the unstoppable passion to be a successful nutritionist with a motivation to heal through the medicine of food and herbs. We are relaunching, rebuilding, and reestablishing our mission, business, and community ties. For me, a reawakening is an emergence into a new feeling or state of being, its a fresh start, an awareness of my truths and purpose, and a whole new world of possibilities.

I invite you to also reawaken as we start a new month, a new season, a new normal. Far beyond the stay-at-home orders, the anxieties of the unknown and the stresses we have faced as a community and nation is an opportunity to start anew. I ask you to dig deep into what the new "normal" looks like for you and your family. Have you changed your outlook on life in the last few months? Have you been sitting deep within anxiety and fear? Have you found a new passion or hobby? Have you found a desire for something much deeper than what the news and social media has to offer? So maybe all these questions pertain to me...ask your own questions and find your own truths to allow you to open to the idea of reawakening and relaunching into life! Questions what parts of "normal" you want to return to, and if perhaps a new "normal" is going to serve you and your family more than the "normal" we left behind in March.

Throughout June you will see a theme throughout our social media and website, we are embarking on the Re·a·wak·en campaign. The goal is to reawaken your senses and body to a new set of ideas for healing and wellness. Trying new foods, connecting with nature, learning to listen and trust our bodies, finding joy in movement, and exploring the ideas of Intuitive Eating will be highlighted to motivate your own personal relaunch, however that looks for you. I will offer insight into my own journey, as I travel through my own personal relaunch and work to become more deeply connected to food, nature, and myself in an effort to move into my own new "normal". I would love to hear how you are moving through your own relaunch or reawaken, growing as a community offers healing and support that increases strength and happiness. It is time to move forward, to reawaken, relaunch, and reestablish!

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