Individual services and packages are available. Soulstice Nutrition does not currently take insurance but can provide a superbill for submission to your insurance company. Scholarships and sliding scale rates available, please inquire during your exploratory call. 

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Telehealth Nutrition Counseling Services

All services, forms, journals, recommendations, and sessions are available in your secure

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Strategy Sessions

At the initial consultation, a strategy session will be booked for 7 - 10 days later. At this 45-minute session, Amy will discuss the research she has done based on your initial forms and appointment. Long and short term goals will be established as well as preliminary evidence-based recommendations to start immediately. This will be the big jump into making sustainable changes in your mental and physical health.

Follow - Up Sessions

This is where the changes really start to take shape and long-term results are seen. Each follow-up is 45-minutes and is done weekly or bi-weekly based on the client's needs. We will evaluate progress and monitor for any adjustments that may need to be made. Each session is about meeting the overall goals and increasing wellness.

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